3D LOCATION GUIDES/MAPS Russ North is an International Commercial Illustrator specializing in aerial 3D Location Guides and City Maps. Available to work wordwide with studios in London, Dubai and Bangkok. The unique style of illustration is usually Fun, Colorful and as accurate as possible, ideal for :- City Centres / Business Parks / Leisure & Shopping Complexes / Airports and even location maps for residential and company use.

SCHEDULE OF WORK CITY ILLUSTRATAION A basic street map or masterplan is required to establish the area and perpective, Aerial reference is not usually necessary ( but always helps where possible) Photo reference on location is essential with one or two site trips required.

BUSINESS PARKS, LEISURE COMPLEXES, SHOPPING MALLS ETC. A masterplan of the area is essential or a printed layout. Photo reference on location is also required once the perspective angle has been approved.

COMPANY PREMISES & RESIDENTIAL LOCATION GUIDES For this a photo/s of the building and a basic sketch of the location is all that is required and can be sent via email.

The perpective of the map would be shown and approved before payment is made.

PLEASE NOTE All jobs are subject to time availablity and cannot usually be done with short notice.

COST ESTIMATE Each job would need to be seen or discussed before a quotation can be given and the detail involved would need to be established. It is possible to get the costs of work in the Gallery upon request.

Publishing companies and/or advertising agenies who wish to sell ad space on or around the illustration to finance any project are welcome.

PHOTO RETOUCHING There are a lot of Computer wizards in the world, but not so many computer artists, drawing with a mouse ! and sometimes you may have a picture that cannot simply be cut and pasted or technically adjusted.

A challenge but not an impossibility is always welcomed. Preferences are to beautify or enhance the face/body and any image that might need a creative touch.

To SUPERIMPOSE a face or person on anything or besides anyone upon request, (subject to getting the reference required) Photo faces supplied should be no less than 150 dpi for best results.

This original one-off work could be given as an email, greetings card you can print and fold, or sent on a CD.

The cost would depend on the work involved but usually only 2 - 6 hours work + post & package if required.

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